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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vows of Deception

By Rachel Duncan

What to do?...What to do?...asks very pregnant parolee, Lucy Ann Michaels (Cheryl Ladd), just released from prison. The answer is presented by Detective Matt Harding (Nick Mancuso....hubba hubba, btw). Soon after he explains the terms for maintaining her freedom, Detective Harding sets Lucy Ann up on a blind date with his best friend. This is intended to be payback for a surprise birthday belly dancer. As it turns out, the joke is on the joker, because Clay Spencer (Mike Farrell) and Lucy Ann begin seeing each other. As the romance progresses, you will ask yourself more than once, 'How many times can one woman pucker and preen in one movie?'

After the birth of her baby, Lucy Ann becomes Mrs. Clay Spencer (now to be called Lucinda). The union brings with it not only a doting father for her new daughter, but also a healthy bank account...new house, new boutique to run, new car....oh....and new playmate...the stepson.

It only gets worse (or better, depending on your appetite for the 'dark side'.) Don't be surprised if you start screaming at the TV screen. Every time this reviewer watches this film (4 times and counting), I always think maybe it won't happen this time. Be sure to catch this one, so you'll know what IT is. Indulge...and enjoy.

Two interesting side notes: The movie is based on a true story, told in the book, Deadly Seduction. Also, Lucinda's sister, Terry, is played by Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson).

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