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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For the Love of Grace

By Connie Rust

I like Lifetime as much as any red-blooded American girl, but sometimes I go into overload with all the lust and lying, murder and mistrust, bigamy and beatings ,fornicating and... well, you get the idea. Sometimes I need a heaping helping of cheese with a side order of sweetness. Such is the case with “For the Love of Grace.” In this heartwarming tale of destined love, heroic but suspended firefighter Steve Lockwood (Mark Consuelos, or Mr. Kelly Ripa) has a chance meeting with “how to” book author Grace Harlan (Chandra West, definitely a hall of famer). Still reeling from the death of his wife, Steve is attracted to Grace but apprehensive. Rescuing her from a fire sets the stage for romance. It is about now that we all need to check our insulin levels because the rest is just too sweet. When Grace goes to the fire station to thank Steve, she is inspired to write a book about the brave young men who work there. Now, the story would not be complete without a type-A fiancĂ©e for Grace who has trouble scheduling their upcoming nuptials between business appointments. Throw in a well meaning matchmaker brother for Steve and a flighty friend for Grace and you have the perfect antidote for Lifetime debauchery!

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  1. That was incredible mom!! I love it!! I actually want to see that one.