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Monday, June 14, 2010

Stranger in my Bed

by Kate Flowers

Nothing says courage like faking your own death to break free from an abusive relationship. That’s exactly what Sara, played by Jamie Luner, does in an attempt to start a new life free from her husband, Ryan (Chris Kramer). Obviously, this is the television piggyback of Sleeping with the Enemy, minus the side story about the blind mother in a home. Let me just say this about Luner: The girl ages WELL! She looks as beautiful, if not more, than she did as Cindy in the 80’s teenybopper sitcom Just the Ten of Us. In Stranger in my Bed, she plays Sara, who is being beaten ruthlessly, yet is content to stay with her abuser regardless of her horrific circumstances... or so we think. She plans a caving trip for “work” purposes and convinces her husband to tag along. Long story short, Sara has a faux spelunking accident and the hubby goes for help. She then hauls tail to another city where she becomes someone brand spanking new. Complete with a new name, job, best friend, boyfriend, and most exciting of all... new and improved hair, she makes a fresh start. As you may guess, trouble ensues when old Ryan starts having his suspicions and hires a PI to track her down. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will tell you that this IS worth watching simply because the last scene does NOT contain a woman wrapped in a blanket sitting in the back of an ambulance.

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  1. Good thing she didn't attempt to flush her wedding band down the toliet so her husband wouldn't find it as he dropped blood from a finger prick in the bowl. Lifetime is so much more realistic than those overrated cinemas.