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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pregnancy Pact

by Kristin Duncan

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than watching a group of teenage girls that are desperate for attention make a pact to (insert drum roll) get pregnant? The story is loosely based on the real life events in small-town USA, Massachusetts. The “film” is laden with TV has-beens, which is Lifetime recipe for success. Camryn Manheim (from The Practice) plays the school nurse, who is first to notice the spike in the school’s pregnancy rate and ultimately resigns, as the town will not support her advocacy of providing prophylactics and sex education. The first twist involves an abstinence activist mom Nancy Travis (from 3 Men and a Little Lady) whose daughter (Sara) joins the ranks of the PG teens. Even though she had the highest ambitions for her daughter, Sara could not resist the allure of being a 16 y/o mom. Even though baby daddy is determined to graduate from college and experience life outside of a small town, she harbors no ambition to escape the town to further her education. Now presents the plot thickener, Thora Birch (from American Beauty), a young intuitive reporter with her own twist to the story. She is determined to break the story of the pregnancy pact and has a little secret of her own. Through some not-so-subtle twists, it becomes apparent that she gave birth to a child as a teenager and is dealing with the aftermath of putting the baby up for adoption. Even more revealing, the baby’s father is the current school counselor. Ohhhhh-awwwww… The journalist breaks the story and causes a media frenzy in the small town. Sit back and enjoy some emotional moments with the parents/ teens dealing with the harsh reality of their pregnancies and realizing it isn’t like their view originated from a Huggies commercial.

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