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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Babysitter's Seduction

By Rachel Duncan

Michelle, Michelle, those sugar daddies aren't always who they seem to be, are they?

A striking young high school student, Michelle Winston (Keri Russell) is working for a well-to-do family as their babysitter. The Bertrands live in a gorgeous home (swimming pool, tennis court). The children really enjoy Michelle, who cares for them and likes being with them, as well.

Sadly, one afternoon Michelle finds Mrs. Bertrand dead in the kitchen. The homicide investigation begins. As Detective Kate Jacobs (Phylicia Rashad aka Claire Huxtable) becomes suspicious of Mr. Bertrand (Stephen Collins - 7th Heaven), Michelle, devastated by what has happened, still has enough emotional energy to attend her classes and tell her friends she can't hang out with them (or go to the prom) because she has too much to do for Mr. Bertrand and the kids......running the household, interviewing housekeepers, getting caught in the closet trying on the deceased Mrs. Bertrand's clothes (and that's not all that happened in the closet).

Let's see...Mrs. Bertrand was having an affair with Paul Richards (John D'Aquino). He was killed by Mr. Bertrand, who is best friends with Detective Frank O'Keefe (Tobin Bell - hit man in 'The Firm'). Detective O'Keefe is following Michelle, who has fallen for Mr. B, who is setting Michelle up to take the fall for killing his wife. Get the picture? Throw in Linda Kelsey playing Michelle's single mom (of course)...and there you have it, a drama that might affect babysitters the way 'Fatal Attraction' scared the bejeezus out of husbands. It's that good! The movie trailer says it all..."She was hired to watch over the kids. But, who was going to watch over her?"

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