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Friday, July 2, 2010

Co-ed Call Girl

By Kristin Duncan

A majority of my love for Lifetime movies is all in the title… ‘Co-ed Call Girl’ does not have any senseless pun or alternative meaning. This spicy title delivers the true essence of the sleaze we love so much. Tori Spelling (Joanna) plays a Donna Martin gone wrong character. Like any struggling Co-Ed, she determines her only recourse to pay for college is to sell her body. Her transition from all American girl to Call girl started with a practical joke from her roommate. Joanna’s curiosity leads her to pursue a life of being a call girl. She gets sucked into a perception of a glamorous career working as a high-class prostitute. She begins to become swallowed in a living nightmare of the seedy lifestyle. Joanna soon realizes that her profession is paired with manipulation and dishonesty. Is it too late for her to get out? Watch and see!

This movie has the elements for another Lifetime success... Title, sleaze, recycled 90210 star…what else can you ask for?

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