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Monday, July 12, 2010

Joy Fielding's The Other Woman

By Rachel Duncan

The recipe for an ideal rainy afternoon is ‘cooked up’ in Joy Fielding’s The
Other Woman. The ingredients, which will be redundant to diehard Lifetime movie fans include:

~ attractive, successful attorney married to beautiful university professor
~ pissed off, yet savvy, angst- filled teenager
~ cold, angry, vindictive ex-wife
~ conniving, self-serving legal intern

These are seamlessly combined with abusive husbands, murder, adultery, pride, and deceit to answer the question, ‘What happens to people’s lives when power and ego take over?’ When all is said and done, ‘Be careful what you ask for, Nicole, for you shall surely have it.’ If you were a fan of Beverly Hills 90210, you will be delighted to see Jason Priestly in a secondary, but critical, role as a journalist, former colleague (and more) of the professor, played by Josie Bissett. By the way, get ready gals. You will want every outfit she wears. The last word is, ‘Don’t miss this one.’

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  1. I am craving a long rainy afternoon, a bag of popcorn, and a new big screened tv!